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Job offer negotiation

  • Getting what you deserve
  • Improving the relationship
  • Attaining your career goals

Igor Gorlatov

Negotiation Consultant

New Job Negotiation Done Right

Changing jobs is the only time when most people have a chance to significantly raise their pay and negotiate other important elements of the package.

Having a negotiation consultant on your side can help you approach the negotiation strategically, reduce risks and allow you to get what you truly deserve from your new employer.


Getting a better deal

  • Gain confidence
  • Improve the outcome
  • Build stronger relationships

Are you having an important negotiation soon?

You may hire me to coach you, so that you can attain your negotiation goals. Whether it is a job promotion, a new client opportunity or a new path to success, let me help you get there with greater confidence.

Preparation is key to success. And having an expert on your side will allow you to make the most of your preparation time.



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