Did you know that it takes only 20 hours to learn a new skill?

It's not 10,000 hours. Only 20. The catch is that it should be 20 hours of focused practice with a strong feedback loop. This is what Successful Negotiators Club is about: helping you and your team acquire the mindset and skill-set of a professional negotiator at the expense of only 20 hours of practice. We also work to ensure that the newly acquired skills become an organizational capacity that can be leveraged over time. 

Sales Teams

Building profitability and improving long-term relations with clients at the same time. 


Equipping you to negotiate more profitable deals with clients and their representatives.

Women Leaders

Closing the gap between performance and pay for emergent women leaders.


“You always negotiate both the contract and the relationship at the same time.”

— Igor gorlatov, FOUNDER


Building World-Class Negotiation Teams

We are using a three-phase process to build world-class negotiation teams:

  1. Assess negotiation performance through observation and analysis of past results. 
  2. Provide new knowledge and 20 hours of focused practice  in accordance with a sound negotiation theory.
  3. Take steps to ensure and sustain improved negotiation behavior on the job.

This way organizations can improve their return on the investment and turn learning gains into a competitive advantage.


There's nothing so practical as a good theory.

- Kurt Lewin

Successful Negotiators Club relies on the mutual gains approach to negotiations, which is based on decades of research. Key insights include:

  • Consistent preparation strategies
  • Tactics to claim value
  • Understanding the value creation process
  • Managing the biases of the heart and the mind
  • Dealing with lies and deception


of millenial women say they don't know how to ask for more


are fearful of negotiating


find negotiations unpleasant


Any negotiation process boils down to the following four steps:

  1. What you do before you sit at the table (preparation)
  2. What do you do to "expand the pie" and strengthen the relationship (value creation)
  3. How do you make sure you don't leave value on the table (value distribution)
  4. How do you follow through to ensure compliance ("staying at the table").

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