Recap: Igor's Negotiation BootCamp on February 17, 2017

On Friday, February 17, 2017, Successful Negotiators Club hosted Igor's Negotiation BootCamp featuring 16 participants, 4 judges, and 1 expert.

Negotiation Skills in Focus

  1. Know how to identify your own interests and elicit the interests of the other side.
  2. Develop a clear understanding of how value can be created or destroyed during a negotiation.
  3. Build confidence and ability to manage emotions through focused practice.
  4. Approach the roles on the negotiating team with a strategy in mind.
  5. Adjust your assumptions dynamically.

 The four judges of the event were LeeAnn Shattuck, Brian Formato, Scott Patterson and Albert Banks. More information about them is provided in the Team section.

Best Negotiators of the Day

Winners: Maryanne Sivers and Todd Sivers (

Top Negotiators and Finalists: Olga Zhitomirskaya-Muller (RMCSoft LLC) and Steven Lewis (RandolphIP)

Runner-up Team: Frank Deaton (Showcase Realty) and Joe McCourt (Giving Tree Realty)

Event Dynamics

Here is a one-minute video clip that hints at the atmosphere of this interactive event, which was incredible!

The Final Round

Here is the scenario from the final round.

Olga, the director of a small software company recently discovered that Maryanne, her HR manager, is unhappy with her salary, work conditions and the requirements of the job. She also learned that Maryanne is poaching her firm's clients.

It appears that Maryanne has partnered with Todd, the Head of Sales, who apparently started a competing business.

Unfortunately, Olga's business has been quite informal, so there are no non-compete or non-solicitation clauses in place. The goal of the negotiation is to come to an agreement that will allow both sides avoid costly litigation. 


We really had a great time and the negotiation practice has given us a lot to think and talk about. We both feel like your “sink or swim” approach is a great one! 
— Maryanne and Todd Sivers, Incredible Advantage
Overall it was a great event.
— Brian Formato, Principal at Groove Management Consulting
Igor REALLY knows the art and science of negotiating and makes learning fun through real life case studies.
— LeeAnn Shattuck, TheCarChick
It was fun and a totally different experience
— Kevin Giriunas, co-founder of Advent Co-working
I truly enjoyed it! It definitely made me realize my job requires me to keep these skills sharp!
— Matt Dunbar, Sales at Oncology Supply
Great event!
— Albert Banks, CEO of MyJive
It was a great event and I really appreciated being there, the food, the drinks and being able to meet, network and perfect my skills.
— Joe McCourt, Broker Associate and Giving Tree Realty

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